The U.S. immigration system is complex and intimidating, particularly for those in crisis. The resources below will help you navigate all paths to legal status, whether applying yourself or on behalf of someone else.

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There are multiple paths to legal status in the U.S., including a Special Immigrant Visa (SIV), humanitarian parole, and refugee resettlement. Explore each path below.


SIVs are available to certain individuals who worked for the U.S. military or its contractors in Afghanistan or Iraq. Applicants must be experiencing an ongoing, serious threat as a result of their employment. Those who receive SIVs can enter the U.S. with lawful permanent residence, and the program extends to spouses and minor children.

Humanitarian Parole

Individuals can self-petition or petition on behalf of someone else who is experiencing an ongoing humanitarian threat. An approved application for parole will allow the applicant temporary access to the U.S.

Refugee Resettlement

The P-1 and P-2 programs provide avenues for certain Afghan citizens to be considered for resettlement as a refugee in the U.S. These programs don’t guarantee refugee status, but instead provide an avenue for expedited processing.